About Us

The e-Learning Development Laboratory is a unit in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the University of Hong Kong specializes in the development of the latest technology for e-learning, mobile learning and other ICT tools for teaching and assessment. The objectives of the Laboratory are:

  • To conduct applied researches and develop applications for using ICT technologies for teaching and learning for the University and education sectors
  • To provide a platform for promoting more collaborations with internal and external parties
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of e-learning for the improvement of teaching and learning
  • To knowledge exchange the application of e-learning technology with internal and external users.


第二屆 AiTLE 小學創科VR / AR 設計獎(TIDA)

初中歷史科電子閱讀獎勵計劃 2021

International Outstanding
e-Learning Awards

MDM Partnership Programme

小學中文 閱讀策略練習