Outstanding e-Learning Awards (2023/24)

傑出電子教學獎 (2023/24)

Last year, we were grateful to have received support from more than 300 teachers and 80 schools from Hong Kong. Teachers designed meaningful and innovative teaching activities with the aid of e-Learning resources and tools. They applied e-Learning applications in "General e-Learning application", "Chinese Language Education", "English Language Education ", "Mathematics Education", "STEAM & Computational Thinking Education", "History and Humanities Education" and “Citizenship and Social Development” which has been showing improvements for teaching and learning effectively.
This year, in response to the development and needs of local education, a new category for primary school science education and an "Artificial Intelligence Special Award" have been added. The Outstanding e-Learning Awards promotes the use of innovative teaching pedagogies and e-Learning elements to enhance teaching and learning in the community. We encourage teachers of different subjects to create diverse learning activities, share their teaching cases and collaborate to build a community of practice.

去年度的傑出電子教學獎獲得本地和國內超過80間學校及300位教師的支持,他們積極就電子教學應用、中文教育、英文教育、數學教育、STEAM及計算思維教育、歷史及人文教育 和 公民與社會發展科,設計具教學意義和創造力的教學活動,並有效運用電子教學資源和工具,提升教與學效能。
本年度的傑出電子教學獎 (2023/24) 將繼續回應本地教學的發展與需求,積極推動電子學習的普及應用,並支持運用創新的教學方法配合有效的電子學習元素以提升學界整體的教與學的效能。今屆傑出電子教學獎增設小學科學教育組別與「人工智能特別獎」,祈鼓勵教師積極創作多元的教學活動,藉以表揚和分享優質的教學案例,共享成果。

Organizer 主辦機構

Objectives 比賽目的

  • To encourage the adoption of e-learning and innovative learning to create a powerful and innovative learning environment for students
  • To share the best practice of pedagogical designs and applications for educators
  • To build a Community of Practice among schools and universities to emerge the network of engagement to reach more dedicated educators for facilitating effective learning with the use of e-Learning technologies.

Eligibility 參賽資格

All full-time teachers from primary, secondary, tertiary and special education institutions

Entry Categories 比賽組別

  • 電子教學應用 General e-Learning application (分為 小學 及 中學組別)
  • 中文教育 Chinese Language Education (分為 小學 及 中學組別)
  • 英文教育 English Language Education (分為 小學 及 中學組別)
  • 數學教育 Mathematics Education (分為 小學 及 中學組別)
  • STEAM 及 計算思維教育 STEAM & Computational Thinking Education (分為 小學 及 中學組別)
  • 歷史及人文教育 History and Humanities Education (分為 小學 及 中學組別)
  • 小學科學教育 Primary Science Education (小學組別)

* Each participating teacher can participate individually or in groups and submit different lesson plans in no more than two categories.
* 每位參與教師可以個人或小組形式、以不同的教案參與不多於兩個組別;
* All categories accept inter-school cooperation
* 全部項目接受跨校合作

Awards and Prizes 獎項

  • There will be Gold, Silver, Bronze and meritorious winners for each category. All winners can get a trophy or a certificate as the prizes.
  • All participants will be awarded a certificate of participation.

Dates of Competition 比賽日期

Event 事項 Date 日期
Submission Deadline
17 June 2024 (Monday) 10:00 A.M.
Prize Announcement Dates
Late July 2024 (TBC)
Award Presentation Ceremony
Late September 2024 (TBC)

Panel of Judges 評審委員會

The members of the judging panel are the experts from academia, schools, industry and IT.

Adjudication 評審準則

  • Effectiveness use of pedagogies and e-Learning tools in the pedagogical design (40%)
  • Assessment methods, analysis and result of learning effectiveness (20%)
  • Innovativeness and Continuity and universality of design (20%)
  • Reflection on Teaching and Learning (20%)

Application Methods 報名方法

第一步: 準備「教案闡析」:

  1. 完成教案: 於下方下載相關參與項目「教案闡析」的檔案,並完成教案內容的描述;
  2. 儲存: 儲存一份 MS WORD 格式 和另存 (Save as) 一份 PDF 格式的文件;
  3. 命名:按照組別指定的命名格式 (下表述);

第二步: 報名

  1. 填表: 開啟網上報名連結,你或需登入你的 Google 帳戶以填寫報名資料;
  2. 附加文件(必須): 於網上報名中 Section 3 部分,按「新增檔案」以附加最少兩份文件,包括 MS WORD 和 PDF 的文件;*注意檔案大小: 100MB
  3. 提供連結(非必須):於網上報名填寫已設定「可分享的連結」* (shareable link) (你可上載相關文檔至雲端平台,例如 Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox etc.) *請自行試驗分享連結能否被開啟
  4. 提交 按 "提交"遞交參賽表格,並顯示「表格已提交」的信息;
  5. 確認電郵:你所登記的電郵將收到確認申請的電郵通知和申請編號。

Step one : Preparation

  1. Complete the lesson plan: Download the “case analysis” file of the relevant category below and complete the teaching plan;
  2. Save: Save as a copy in MS WORD format and a copy in PDF format;
  3. Naming:Rename file following the naming format by categories (refer to table below);

Step two : Application

  1. Fill in the form: Use the online registration link, you may need to log in to your Google account to fill in the registration information;
  2. Attach files (mandatory): In the online registration section 3, press "Add New File" to attach at least 2 files, including MS WORD and PDF files; * Note the file size: Maximum file size 100 MB
  3. Provide links (optional):Include "shareable link" when filling the form* (you can upload relevant documents to cloud platforms, such as Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox etc.) *Please test whether the share link can be opened
  4. Submit: Submit the entry form by pressing "Submit"; The confirmation message "Your response has been received” will appear.
  5. Confirmation Email:Your registered email will receive an email notification and application number for confirmation.

The 7 entry categories are listed as follows:
以下為本年度的 7 個比賽組別:

  1. 電子教學應用 General e-Learning application
    參賽指引文檔下載   教案闡析文檔下載   網上報名
  2. *附件教案的命名格式:
    2324GEN-schoolname-engfullname-case analysis

  3. 中文教育 Chinese Language Education
    參賽指引文檔下載   教案闡析文檔下載   網上報名
  4. *附件教案的命名格式:
    2324CHIN-schoolname-engfullname-case analysis

  5. 英文教育 English Language Education
    參賽指引文檔下載   教案闡析文檔下載   網上報名
  6. *附件教案的命名格式:
    2324ENG-schoolname-engfullname-case analysis

  7. 數學教育 Mathematics Education
    參賽指引文檔下載   教案闡析文檔下載   網上報名
  8. *附件教案的命名格式:
    2324MATH-schoolname-engfullname-case analysis

  9. STEAM 及 計算思維教育 STEAM & Computational Thinking Education
    參賽指引文檔下載   教案闡析文檔下載   網上報名
  10. *附件教案的命名格式:
    2324STEAM-schoolname-engfullname-case analysis

  11. 歷史及人文教育 History and Humanities Education
    參賽指引文檔下載   教案闡析文檔下載   網上報名
  12. *附件教案的命名格式:
    2324HIST-schoolname-engfullname-case analysis

  13. 小學科學教育 Primary Science Education
    參賽指引文檔下載   教案闡析文檔下載   網上報名
  14. *附件教案的命名格式:
    2324Science-schoolname-engfullname-case analysis

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