iClass Shapes

This app demonstrates the 3 dimensional images of some common shapes. When the camera captures the unfolded image of a shape, this device will fold it automatically and project the finished 3D object on the screen through Augmented Reality technology. The camera may be moved around the original unfolded image to view the 3D object from different angles. The app also allows the user to rotate the 3D object along the X, Y and Z axes.

 Download: 3D Shapes Targets

 Download: iPad APP Link


Teaching Development Grant Project (2013-14)

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iClass Composer

Final year project (2012-13) of Shravan Sunderraman

It integrates music and engineering worlds on an iPad. Music is learnt through demonstrations and intense, disciplined practice. iClass Music combines technology and music to create a platform to accelerate the learning of music. The project aims to create a virtual classroom in which an experienced teacher could facilitate the learners to apply the lessons of music theory in practice. Ultimately, iClass Music would be to enable a group of people to come together and compose collectively, breaking the barriers of physical distance.

iClass LMS

Teaching Development Grant Project (2012-13)

Development of an interactive class system for the Moodle platform

 Website: Project Website
 Instruction: Instruction Slides
 Brochure: Download
 Video: Introduction Video

iClass Button

Teaching Development Grant Project (2010-12)

A real-time classroom response system for an Interactive lecture room located in Theatre C of the Chow Yei Ching Building. There are buttons pre-installed on the armrest of the seats in the lecture hall with a customized application to collect, analyze and display the response.

 Website: Project Website
 Video: Introduction Video

e-Learning in Sichuan

Multimedia E-learning Classrooms for Rebuilt Schools in Sichuan

The 512 Young Engineer Alliance (512YEA) and Association of Engineering Professions in Society are now rebuilding two primary schools: Deyang Primary School and Wenchuan Primary School in Sichuan. The HKU Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is one of the collaborating organizations in this project and will help in the design and installation of e-learning laboratories, multimedia classrooms and renewable energy systems for the Deyang Primary School. A few teams of teachers and students will travel to Sichuan in around mid July to mid August 2009 to contribute in such reconstruction works.

The proposed project aims at the following objectives:

  • To design and install a few multimedia classrooms and e-learning facilities for the School.
  • To develop and implement an e-learning infrastructure so as to facilitate HKU to provide continue supports the School through the on-line distance learning system.
  • To create opportunities for HKU students and teachers to work together to rebuild Sichuan.
  • To provide learning opportunities for HKU students to learn from teachers and alumni on different skills, such as technical knowledge for building e-learning facilities, renewable energy system, project management in China, coordination skills, servicing skills, and communication skills, etc.

 Website: Project Website
 Video: Intoduction Video