Prize-presentation Ceremony of the Junior Secondary History e-Reading Award Scheme 2021

In the past three years, the HKU e-Learning Development Laboratory has provided an e-reading platform for secondary students to promote ‘reading to learn History’. On September 13 2021, we organized the prize-presentation ceremony of the Junior Secondary History e-Reading Award Scheme 2021 at Loke Yew Hall, The University of Hong Kong.

The Prize-presentation Ceremony of the Junior Secondary History e-Reading Award Scheme 2021 aims to appreciate students’ performance and acknowledge schools’ support to the Award Scheme. The Award Scheme was held from March to July 2021, which was jointly organised by Personal, Social and Humanities Education (PSHE) Section, Curriculum Development Institute (CDI), Education Bureau (EDB) and The e-Learning Development Laboratory, The University of Hong Kong, and The History e-learning Schools Network as co-organiser. The aims of the scheme are as follows-

  • to encourage students to broaden their knowledge base and widen their history learning experiences through ‘reading to learn’ on an e-learning platform, and create a favourable reading atmosphere in school; and
  • to arouse students’ interest in history and encourage them to engage in self-directed learning and pursue historical knowledge.

A total of 143 schools with more than 13,500 students participated in the Award Scheme. After assessment, 67 students with excellent performance receive a ‘Certificate of Merit’, a trophy and $200 book coupon. The ‘Creativity Award’, which is newly-introduced this year, aims to encourage students to use different ways other than writing to illustrate positive value(s) shown by the historical figures and events from articles. At last, 10 student teams are awarded with a “Certificate of Creativity’, a trophy and $200 book coupon for each member. Besides, 205 students performed satisfactorily receive a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ and $200 book coupon. More than 7,500 students are also awarded a ‘Certificate of Completion’ for encouragement.

EDB and the HKU e-Learning Development Laboratory would like to express our gratitude to students, and their schools and teachers for the participation in the above event. We hope that our concerted effort would bring further development to History and continue enriching students’ experience in learning history and nurturing their positive values and attitudes.

Mr. Steve Lo, Executive Vice-President (EVP) (Administration and Finance), the HKU gave a welcome and introduction speech.

Mr. Kevin Yeung Yun-hung, JP, Secretary of Education, Education Bureau, HKSARG, the officiating guest gave a speech.

Group photos of awardees

Group photo of participating students, teachers and parents

(From left) Mr. WOO Chun-kit Keith, Dr. IP Sum Ming, Ms. LEUNG Yvetta Ruth, Ms. TSE Yuen Ching Edith, Mrs. HONG CHAN Tsui Wah, Mr. YEUNG Yun-hung Kevin, JP, Mr. Steve Lo, Prof. David Srolovitz, Prof. K.W. Chow, Prof. Kenneth K.Y. Wong, Dr. Wilton W.T. Fok

The HKU e-Learning Development Laboratory colleagues that participated in the ceremony

Photo of the Mini-exhibition

We have also organized the teacher training course “Teacher Training Series for the Revised Junior Secondary History Curriculum: Using Information Technology to Enhance Learning and Teaching Effectiveness” from 2019 onwards.

The revised junior Chinese History and History curricula have been implemented progressively starting from Secondary One in this academic year. In order to support the implementation of the new curricula and facilitate the application of e-learning in two history subjects, the EDB and e-Learning Development Laboratory of the University of Hong Kong co-organised a series of e-learning workshops for teachers of Chinese History and History.

Outing in the PSHE History training