Smart City Summer Day Camp for the Outstanding students in Smart City Project Programme 2017/18

Following the Smart City Day Camp training series from February to May this year, the Laboratory is delighted to have received support from the Education Bureau (EDB) for developing a newly-designed training service for the outstanding teams selected from this year’s Smart City Project Programme 2017/18. The selected groups of students and teachers came from 22 schools, 92 students and 3 key stage levels, participated in the Smart City Summer Day Camp series on 20 and 21 August in the University of Hong Kong.

With the aims of enhancing students’ learning ability on new technological knowledge and skills, students were introduced with advanced smart city-related technologies and application and encouraged to solve problems in their daily life. Student and teacher participants have learned the approach of the engineering design cycle and the scientific investigation with interactive learning activities. Teams of students were also invited to share their exceptional project design, following a feedback session by peers and the Laboratory Director Dr. Wilton FOK. Further recommendation on practical technology application can facilitate improvements and nurture technology-based creativity applying in their smart city projects.

The Laboratory strongly support the project-based workshop design that is believed to harness the advantages of self-directed learning and project-based learning, nurturing motivated individuals to learn widely and deeply.

Lecture & Interactive activities on “Engineering Design Cycle and scientific investigation”

Students learning advanced technologies in the workshop “Develop and calibrate a temperature sensor by Microbit – understand the concept of scientific investigation and instrumentation”

Students learning how to utilize tools to test power output of Microbit

Students actively participating in discussions and interacting with the instructors

Participants giving affirmative responses to the presenting group in the consultation session which sparked constructive and interactive learning among peers

Presentation of winning cases & Discussion on improvement

Thanks Sung Sir for instructing the interactive learning on how to apply the knowledge in daily life

New workshop for Junior Primary School students - “The concept behind the Autonomous car for smart mobility - Integration of Mathematics and IT”

Group photo of Senior-Primary Session

Group photo of Junior-Secondary Session

Students listening and questioning attentively in the workshops

Students concentrating on building the Google Voice Kit in the workshop for the Senior Secondary students - “Advance IoT implementation by Webduino –Use Google Voice Kit to connect IoT to make a Smart Home”

After 3 hours of hard work, students have successfully built a Google Voice Kit with Artificial Intelligence

Thanks all the instructors for your professional supports and guidance, making it a fruitful experience for the participants.