STEM Education Summer Courses developed for secondary school students in HKU Summer Institute 2018

In this summer, the e-Learning Development Laboratory had developed a new Summer Institute series in the University of Hong Kong for local and regional secondary school students aging from 11 to 18. In light of the growing development of STEM education in Hong Kong, three STEM-related courses were introduced, namely “Smart STEM for the Smart City”, “Robotic Technologies” and “Future Artificial Intelligence and FinTech”.

We are delighted to have received active enrollments from 114 students, 71 schools and 3 countries, including Hong Kong, Macau, China, United Kingdom and Canada.

The 3 courses were conducted in workshops, supported by lectures, hands-on practical session, competitions, technical visits to reputable fintech & technology centres and at last, applying the knowledge into feasible project plan in teams. Innovation, research and consultation process were involved in the learning model to enrich their self-directed learning experience. Students were encouraged to learn through project-learning, brainstorming, discussion and presentation. The project helped prepare themselves with the essential skills for their learning in the University setting and in the 21st century.

For the brief outline of the courses, you can visit the following links:

Smart STEM for the Smart City

Robotic Technologies

Future Artificial Intelligence and FinTech

Learning science theories through interactive activities

Visualizing abstract ideas through interesting activities

Participants listening attentively in class to learn extensive concepts based on students’ pre-knowledge

Robotic Competition – the teams practicing their programmed robotic arms with continuous improvements

Group presentation from all outstanding teams to sparkle new ideas among peers

Technical visit to the Hong Kong Science Park (HKSTP) to explore the current development of Smart City

Participants experienced Virtual Reality (VR) technologies in HKSTP’s VirCube

Site visit to “Data Studio” at the HKSTP – discovering the latest open data technologies and data visualization development supported by the Government

In-depth learning of TensorFlow for pattern recognition and financial applications

Exclusive arrangement to visit the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) Museum of Finance

Learning the development of FinTech technologies at the Hong Kong Money Authority (HKMA)

Visiting Cyberport Smart-Space FinTech, expanding students’ horizons on the future of FinTech

Cyberport FinTech sharing by Mr. Terence Leung, Manager (Youth Team) of Cyberport

Start-up sharing by a successful local start-up. Thanks Ivy Li, Executive Director of WildFaces Technology Limited for sharing the technologies of facial recognition and her mentality of being an entrepreneur, inspiring students with the showcase of the unlimited and feasible possibilities.

Students actively participating in the consultation session, fostering a friendly environment for discussion

Congratulations on completing the week-long intensive course of “Robotic Technologies”!

Group photo of course “Future Artificial Intelligence and FinTech”