Education Bureau commission e-Learning Development Lab to run day camp for Smart City Project Programme 2017/18

The Smart City Project programme mainly consists of a project exhibition under the theme “Smart City”, supplemented by a series of events including study trips to “Smart Cities”, day camps and summer camps on STEM Education for students, as well as seminars, workshops and visits for both teachers and students. Over 1000 primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong joined the programme by forming student teams to prepare “Smart City” projects for exhibition. The programme aims at helping students integrate and apply the knowledge and skills acquired from the school curriculum, in particular from STEM Education, to suggest innovative ways to realise the ideas of Smart City in the development of their home, school, community and city environment. The HKU e-Learning Development Lab is commissioned by the Education Bureau to run 10 day camps and teach participants STEM skill on robot, augmented reality, 3D printing, Artificial Intelligent, Big data analysis, Internet of things, Microbit, Wireless microcontroller, smart traffic light, solar energy….etc.

Elite students from various schools participated in the Smart City Day Camp workshop

Learn solar energy measurement and installation design for smart city

Learn from Andy Lee Sir on Microbit for scientist investigation

Man Sir and Kong Sir taught how to design and implement Internet of Things

Learnt how to use TinkerCad for 3D printing design

Learnt how to use TinkerCad for 3D printing design

Hands on practice in the computer lab

Li Sir taught implementation of smart mobility by mBot

Sung Sir taught how to build an Augmented Reality Apps