Teacher Professional Development Workshops on “Mobile Outdoor Learning System” and “Information Literacy” was commissioned by the Education Bureau

A series of Teacher Professional Development Workshops on "Mobile Outdoor Learning System" were conducted from Dec 2016 to March 2017. There were around three hundreds primary and secondary schools teachers attended the workshops. Teachers had learnt not only a few useful Learning Management System for mobile outdoor learning such as iClass, EduVenture (developed by CUHK) and Google Map…etc. but also they experienced the hands-on practice from the student perspective with the HKU Campus field trip. These workshops were part of the IT in Education Pedagogical Series commissioned by the Education Bureau.

Course details can be found as follows:

For Secondary teachers:



For Primary teachers:



The course instructor, Mr. Sung Po Wah, one of the awardee of the Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence, introduced the pedagogy of Mobile Outdoor learning

Measuring the height of the HKU Main Building

Mobile Learning activities in the Mina Building

Following the map on iClass MOLS at the Run Run Shaw Podium

Reviewed field trip work in the classroom using iClass activity and Peer Review function

Course Instructor Mr. Ha Chi Hung, led the team of teachers to experience mobile outdoor learning from the student perspective and discussed practical teaching issues