iClass and e-textbook projects exhibited in HKIE Hi-Tech Fiesta 2014

On June 8 2014, the interactive e-learning platform iClass, as well as the e-textbook project were exhibited at the HKIE Hi-Tech Fiesta 2014 (http://www.hkie-fiesta.hk/en/), held at the Kowloon International Trade and Exhibition Centre (KITEC)

The Fiesta was organised by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers. At the exhibition venue, a special corner for iClass was set up for our “future engineers” to draw and colour various engineering designs, they also shared their completed works on the iClass cloud base teacher web platform. This special activity inspired many young students and kids to be innovative engineers in the future.

The iClass and the e-textbook projects were exhibited inside the pavilion for local universities

Eric Au Yeung briefing the HKIE helpers on the operation of iClass

“Future engineers” drawing their innovative engineering designs

The project team with Prof. George Tham at the HKIE Hi-Tech Fiesta
(From left) Viki Lei, Eric Au Yeung, Prof. George Tham, Dr. Wilton Fok, Alan Chiang