iClass exhibited in Innovation Carnival

Inno Carnival 2013 opened in Hong Kong on 2nd November and the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSARG) announced the official opening of the innovation fair.

The carnival is held at the Hong Kong Science Park from 2nd November to 10th November this year. This is part of InnoTech Month 2013, a mega event to be held from 18 October to 7 December 2013, organised by the Innovation and Technology Commission of Hong Kong. The goal of ICT is to promote an innovation and technology culture among people from all walks of life through a diverse array of activities.

As one the displayed products of HKU in this carnival, iClass attracted a lot visitors. During the nine days, Dr. Wilton Fok and the core member of the e-Learning Lab Eric gave several presentations to introduce and demonstrate the interactive functions of iClass to people from different backgrounds. Many of them were appealed to the diverse functions as well as the real-time feedback feature.

While iClass interactive platform was the thing capturing teachers’ eyes, iClass Composer was the star making kids crazy! The later was developed by another e-Learning lab member Shravan Sunderraman and it enabled a group of students to collaborate and create music on-the-go. Groups of students from primary schools were very passionate playing music on iPads.

Other than these two applications, the third product of e-Learning Lab, iClass TV also attracted many people, especially those principles and headmasters. School administrators can use iClass TV to feed different contents to different parts of a TV screen in a convenient, user-friendly and effective way and they can manage the information of iClass platform easily with this web-based portal. Therefore, they showed high passion to this application.

"Although technological research is inherently academic and somewhat difficult to understand, its ultimate aim is to improve human life" said the Financial Secretary of the HKSAR, John Tsang. Thanks to the Inno Carnival 2013, we had this opportunity to introduce our latest application to those who may need it and make contributions to the development of e-learning platform in Hong Kong.

Dr. Fok was conducting interactive activities with student visitors

Kids were playing iClass Composer

Dr. Fok was interviewed by RTHK

Team members of e-Learning Lab