iClass introduced to reconstructed schools in Sichuan

Led by Dr. Wilton Fok, the working stuff of e-Learning Lab had been assisting schools in Sichuan Province to modernize the e-learning facilities every summer after the Sichuan Earthquake in 2008.

In this June, together with other teachers, alumni and students from Faculty of Engineering and Journalism, members of e-learning Lab went to Sichuan again to visit and served four schools in Deyang, Wenchuan, Lushan and Chongzhou.

This time, the latest mobile learning technology – iClass, which was developed by a team of engineering graduates Eric Au Yeung (BEng(EComE) 2010), Ken Law (BEng(EComE) 2010) and Alan Chiang (B.Eng.(CS), 2010), was introduced to these schools. As the core stuff of e-Learning Lab, Ken and Eric were also the key members of the HKU Sichuan reconstruction project in 2009 and 2010.

Supported by a generous donor, 20 units of Apple iPad were presented to these schools. After the e-Learning Lab members helped to install the Wi-Fi system, students can use these iPads to interact with each other as well as their teachers.

Dr. Wilton Fok and Eric gave a short introduction of the operation of iClass and demonstrated the main functions, after which the students wrote ideas and share them on the smart whiteboards through wireless network in real-time. They also drew some greeting cards and shared with students in Hong Kong through iClass. While engineering students contributed their technical expertise, two journalism students served the project by writing a journal of the project and filming the important events. This activity was also reported by the local TV media.

The children were so attracted by this interactive platform and all the visiting members were very happy to see the big smiles of kids.

Group photo at the Yuenjia Keyu School, Deyang

The Principal of Yingxiao Middle School in WenZhuan Mr. Xiong (middle) presented a memorial flag to the Faculty of Engineering, received by Dr. Wilton Fok, Assistant Dean (Right) and Ir. KP Yim (Civil Engineering Alumni) (Left)

Dr. DJ Guo (Civil, left2), Dr. Wilton Fok (EEE, Left3) and Dr. George Wong (Civil, left5) presented some iPad to the school Principals and teachers.